What We Believe

"What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us." - A.W. Tozer

Christpoint Church 
Core values

Real people.
Lost people found
Found people free
Free people forward

Real lives.
Live to give
Serve to lead
Lead to grow

Real God.
Know Love
Show love
Live love

Real people.
Lost people found. 
We believe in inviting people to church  and seeing the lost  come to know Christ.

Found people free.
 We believe in helping the saved individual become grounded in their relationship with Christ and freed from strongholds  to live in victory.

Free people forward. 
 We believe in empowering the freed person  to move forward and to disciple the next person behind them to do the same.

Real lives.
Live to give. 
We believe in the biblical mandate of tithing. We believe in extravagant giving above our tithe in offerings. We believe in giving of ourselves to serve in roles and capacities to further the ministry of Christpoint Church to the world.

Serve to lead.
We believe in serving the local church and community and encouraging folks in their gifting to do the same.

Lead to grow.
 We believe the leader should be growing spiritually in the word of God, prayer and outreach as well as leading others around them to grow in the Lord also.

Real God.
Know love.
 We believe in knowing the Lord in an intimate and personal way for every believer.

Show love. 
We believe in showing the love of Christ through excitement and passion. We believe Christians should have fun showing the love of Christ and enjoy His presence.

Live love.
 We believe in taking the changed life of Christ in us outside the walls of the church by living a life exemplary of the Christian walk.

Pastor Steve Qualls
Christpoint church
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