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Sometimes you just have to take a minute to look back and thank God for being a light unto your path and for lighting the ground so that your feet know where to step in this thing called life. On December 16, 1985 Steve was on his first day of a temporary Christmas job to earn extra money when this girl named Tena walked in and his path instantly became a bit brighter. They talked briefly and 6 months later they were married on July 6th 1986. Tena was the daughter of a ministry family and Steve was mean as a snake with a bit of mischief sprinkled in. They were miles apart in upbringing but thick as thieves in their hearts. Without their knowledge God was lighting their paths to make sure their steps were ordered by Him.
Steve wasn’t the poster child for a future pastor of a church and Tena wasn’t exactly what you would picture a pastor looking like either. In the spring of 1988 an older friend, co worker and boss invited Steve to his church yet again. They were knee deep in mud repairing a broken water line at the time. Surely God doesn’t light the paths of ditch diggers and guide them to the ministry? Or does he? On the 3rd Sunday in September 1988 Steve and Tena Qualls knelt at an altar in a little Nazarene church in Sparta Tennessee and once again God illuminated their path.
Steve and Tena are two names that seemly can’t be mentioned apart from one another. Steve often jokes that they are like Bonnie and Clyde in the fact that you can’t say one name without saying the other. “It’s how we roll.”
Time has passed. Lives have been sewn in and out of and through the lives of Steve and Tena Qualls and “we have and still love them all.” They spent 10 years at the Nazarene church learning and growing in the Lord. Most of those years were spent as youth ministers. They served 12 years at the Church of God as youth ministers, events and associate minister. They began to realize that God was calling them to full time ministry as their path directed them to a rag tag bunch of folks in search of a shepherd.
We met around a table with 6 leaders and launched Christpoint Church on Mother’s day 2013 of all days with a grand total of 32 in attendance. God has a way of lighting a path in the right direction if we will be obedient to follow.
There’s a difference between people who walk a path and those who chop trees. At Christpoint Church God has surrounded us with tree choppers. Trail Blazers for Christ. We’re real people, living real lives, serving a real God. Just people who followed the path that was brightened. Who knows when God will call the next ditch digger to pastor the finest of people?
Tena and I have 2 children and 6 grandchildren. We still live and pastor in the same small town of Sparta where Steve grew up. Tena is from Mcminnville in Warren county. Our hearts are to blaze a trail and chop trees for Jesus. We love seeing the lost saved and the believer encouraged and discipled.
Welcome home.

Pastor Steve Qualls
Christpoint church

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